Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Always updating!

I pinned and customized daily planner pages today, and on them I put blog time so hopefully I will stay caught up! Well we are living in Raleigh North Carolina now. Serenity and Bryan and their family moved too, as well as Brinae and Josh. We are a family of ten living in one house. Sometimes that can cause  a little chaos and stress. So far so good though.
We had a few miracles in helping us get here and settling down.  It all started with us knowing for a few years now that we should move. One day Brinae and Serenity were looking at various states and wondering where sounded cool. When they mentioned the Carolinas I said I want to live near the ocean. I went to work and they,with Donnell, started looking seriously at jobs and houses near Greenville, then the Apex/Cary area. That is where we thought we wanted.  We started applying for houses. We were accepted for this house. We started to think it was small, we found a bigger one, and Donnell talked to the lady. There seemed to be issues so Serenity and Donnell made a rush trip out here with the hopes of securing the bigger house. They went and looked at it, but didn't feel comfortable with it, it smelled musty in the full basement. They decided to just drive  the smaller house and cross it off the list. They pulled in the driveway and immediately the handyman pulled in behind them. He was very nice and let them look at the house and gave them ideas, they realized that the bedrooms were a very good size. They talked to the landlady and met her. She is extremely nice and talked about how even though we sign a years lease with her, if she gets a bigger house(supposed to have one ready in August) we will have the option to go with that one.  They really felt like it was all an answer to prayer.  We decided to take the house and got to work packing. Bryan and my last days of work was at the end of May. Our tentative date to leave was the 10th of June. We had a few setbacks due to 401K getting released. THe day we were supposed to get the big Penske truck it rained, so it was a little miracle that we weren't ready for it. We got the truck on Wednesday and Connor Whitson was off and able to come and help pack it. That day we had a few miracles, one was the fact that Connor was able to help. When the guys were trying to get the queen size mattress in the truck they just couldn't get it, all of a sudden a neighbor(whom we didn't know) just walked down the street and jumped right in to help. He stayed and kept helping. Right near the end of  filling the truck, the guys were trying to load our ride on lawnmower and once again there was not enough help when all of a sudden the neighbor's friend just happended to be walking by helped load the lawnmower and then off he went.The truck was loaded and we still didn't have all the stuff packed, we realized that we needed another little trailer. We called and the little one we wanted was not available in Alma. They called Ft Smith and off they went. They got there and found out that they didn't have one either. they got the next size and it was still small too. We were able to get some more of our stuff packed on the trailer. It was so late and we were exhausted. We did not have enough room to take everything and our house was left a mess. My bestie Sara Howard and a lady from her Church went and cleaned and got it ready for the Morgans-which was another miracle in that they decided to move in our house and take over payments.
Traveling here, Donnell called the Elder's Quorum president and left a message. He called back and they made arrangements to help us unpack on Saturday morning, We pulled in Friday at dinner time, our landlady Yan pulled in with fried chicken for us and the lease. She also called her handyman to come and help unload on Saturday.
Saturday morning at 8:00 five priesthood holders and Brock the handyman showed up at our house. What took us fourteen hours to load, those men had it unloaded in less than a hour and 1/2! The missionaries came later that day and helped us move boxes and such around. What blessings all the help were! We went to Church on Sunday(they start at 9:00) and there were so many people ready to greet us! We felt welcomed and at home there-9 weeks later we still do!!!
To date, Donnell and Bryan both have factory jobs, Brinae started a nanny job, and Serenity has an interview on Friday morning that she is beyond excited about.
The city is beautiful and we are feeling like we are home!

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